The HoZer® is not a last minute device for new CPAP users on the brink of failing!

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The HoZer® isn’t a hook or a hanger or a type of limited solution. It is the only “complete” CPAP hose device available and the only one that floats the CPAP hose overhead & follows you to gently “deliver” it to your mask. Common hose-related problems that have plagued millions of CPAP users and caused millions more to quit…. are 100% eliminated!


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CPAP Sleep Comfort

I've been sharing and teaching the good news of Jesus Christ for over forty years. I have been using CPAP for years am committed to educating CPAP suppliers and users about the fantastic benefits of the HoZer®. New CPAP users won't continue to quit at alarming rates if they experience gentle, precise CPAP hose "delivery" and sleep better from the start. WE NOT ONLY KNOW IT, WE GUARANTEE IT!