The founder of CPAP Sleep Comfort is Rev. Rory T. Scott.  Rory was diagnosed with sleep apnea more than seven years ago.  From the start he struggled with common mask problems and nightly sleep interruptions caused by leaving the CPAP hose in his bed.  He learned that millions of sleep apnea sufferers also become discouraged and quit using CPAP… many because of the same sleep interruptions, discomfort and mask problems caused by the CPAP HOSE!


Many CPAP equipment suppliers are now introducing The HoZer® to all of their new CPAP patients.  New CPAP users are more comfortable than ever before and they love The HoZer® because they FORGET THEY HAVE A CPAP HOSE!

How does The HoZer® make such a difference?????  By removing the CPAP hose from your bed and gently “delivering” the tip of the hose to your CPAP mask all night long in any sleeping position!

THE SAD NEWS… During the last 25 years, 5 out of 10 new users quit using CPAP because of discomfort and continued lack of sleep.  Most of those who quit have or will, die from respiratory related health problems.

THE GOOD NEWS!! —- CPAP equipment suppliers all over the world are learning how The HoZer® is adding COMFORT AND SLEEP for new users and improving the likelihood that they will succeed and benefit from using CPAP.

In addition to his passion for sharing the Good News, ‘Pastor Scott’ now has another passion and mission:  To share the news about The HoZer® with CPAP equipment suppliers so all CPAP users can experience the greatest CPAP comfort available and appreciate the life saving blessing CPAP therapy can be.

The HoZer® truly is a necessary part of a complete CPAP system!!