Patients and medical suppliers both lose when new CPAP users don’t sleep.

Your new CPAP customers don’t know the benefits or struggles of using CPAP yet but by the time they receive CPAP equipment from you they have committed significant time and expense to learn that they suffer from Sleep Apnea.

You can reduce time and expense and the number of CPAP masks being exchanged with new users. Many CPAP users experience FALSE mask problems while still semi-conscious and unable to realize that their mask was performing perfectly until a tangled hose dislodged it.

The CPAP system that new users receive from you must help them sleep right away or too many of them will quit!!

The HoZer® increases comfort so significantly that compliance is guaranteed.  Contact us to learn about our unconditional 90-day guarantee.

By including The HoZer® with every new CPAP system you will increase healthy lifelong CPAP customers and improve the health of your bottom line too!  Your new CPAP users will sleep comfortably and quickly and find the solution to their Sleep Apnea struggles that they were hoping for.

The HoZer® guarantees satisfaction by eliminating the most frequent sleep interruptions associated with CPAP hose and mask problems that unnecessarily result in CPAP users not sleeping.

The HoZer® guarantees to maximize CPAP comfort by gently delivering the tip of the CPAP hose to the mask in any sleeping position.

  • No more mask dislodgements from a tangled CPAP hose.
  • No more nightly sleep interruptions from touching or wrestling with a CPAP hose in the bed.
  • Spouses can now sleep all night too!

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